Residential Care

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Residential Care

The Grandview Foundation Inc Narey is a local charity that helps people with disabilities to live an independent life. Founded in 1985, Narey provides an excellent social service program for adults and young people with intellectual disabilities.

Narey supports the development of independent living skills through the provision of housing. Narey provides housing and supportive services for people with intellectual disabilities and has a number of residential programs to meet the needs of people with developmental disabilities. Narey also offers a number of non-residential programs, such as a home for children with developmental disabilities that offers onsite care, transportation services, food programs, and access to recreational activities. Narey homes are designed with a unique style to meet the needs of a person with developmental disabilities.

Narey homes offer a variety of choices for residents. Residents can choose to live in apartments or condominiums. They can also choose to live in single family houses, farmhouses, or single unit townhouses. Residents are encouraged to select homes that meet their individual needs and lifestyles. There are special features, amenities, and services available to help residents live independently.

Residential facilities are designed with the specific needs and characteristics of adults with developmental disabilities in mind. Residential homes in Narey provide access to a number of services to help residents maintain a comfortable lifestyle. These services include:

Residential units are made with a large variety of materials. Some units are built out of modular wood and steel units. Other units are constructed using traditional construction techniques. Both residential and community units offer access to a wide variety of living areas.

Residents can get assistance with day to day activities like shopping, cooking, laundry, and housework. Residents can also access programs that allow them to be self-sufficient in their day-to-day activities and living arrangements. Services and programs offered include:

These residential programs are designed to provide residents with the necessary support and assistance that they need to lead a quality life. Programs like:

Residential units in Narey provide people with developmental disabilities with the type of housing and care they need to remain healthy, independent, and in control of their own lives. Narey residents are provided with the tools and resources to enjoy a quality of life they would not have been able to obtain without these services. had Narey been living in other communities.

The residential services of Narey also include:

Individuals with developmental disabilities are not the only ones who benefit from the residential services of Narey. Residents are also given access to services that will make them feel comfortable living in their own home. Residents will find access to:

Residents also have access to community centers that provide a variety of activities and social events for residents. Residents can participate in art and music groups, play sports, take part in theater, and dance, and much more. Residents can attend recreational centers, museums, historical societies, and clubs and participate in various other activities that enhance their daily lives.

Residential facilities offer residents many opportunities to get involved and participate in activities that will assist them in fulfilling their resident’s needs. Residents will find access to:

Residential care and support is designed to help residents live the best quality of life possible. Whether a resident’s needs are academic, physical, emotional, and/or all three, residential services provide residents with the freedom to live an independent, productive life.

Residents can choose to stay with a single family at one of the grandview foundation supported apartments, or they can choose to stay with a single family or group of friends, as well as with some private homes. Residential centers offer a variety of options to suit residents’ needs.

Residential care programs are designed to meet the resident’s needs. Residential programs at Narey provide many opportunities for residents to enjoy all the benefits of living independently and safely. Residents are offered access to health and dental services, recreation programs, education, medical and mental health services, transportation services, and other services that will keep them well-equipped to lead a quality life and enjoy a healthy, happy existence. Residents are able to live the type of life they are looking for when they live at Narey.

Residents can enjoy the benefits of Narey residential centers through the use of housing and support programs. Residential programs at Narey provide many opportunities for residents to experience the best possible living conditions. Residents can select the type of housing and support services that will best meet their needs.