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When it comes to choosing a drug rehab facility, it’s important to consider what type of treatment services are available and if the facility has received any accreditation. “The best care,” according to The National Center for Comorbidity Elimination (NCCE), is a comprehensive treatment program that includes both individual and family treatments for drug abuse.


The NCCE offers the following criteria for evaluating quality of life for drug-abusing patients who are seeking treatment for alcohol and drug addiction: alcohol and drug dependence; family functioning; and community functioning. The center also assesses the impact of the treatment on a patient’s overall mental and physical well-being. A treatment center should also have a licensed psychologist and an addiction specialist on staff to help provide assessment, therapy, and treatment. The facilities should also have a system in place to track progress throughout the year.


The Arizona Drug Rehabilitation Center (ADRC) in Fountain Hills, Arizona is accredited by the Arizona Board of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Treatment (ABCD). “ABCD is one of the few state boards that are directly accountable to the state’s Department of Health Services,” said David Downs, ABCD’s president. “When it comes to the ABCD accreditation process, this state board is very involved in making sure that the treatment center meets a high standard of quality care.”


The ABCD conducts random audits of treatment centers to ensure that they meet the requirements of the state and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). “These audits help us ensure that these treatment centers are meeting the standards set forth by state regulations and the CMS,” said Downs. “The audits are done on a consistent basis so that changes or corrections can be made as needed.”


The Arizona Board of Addiction Medicine and the Arizona Department of Health Services work together to ensure that the programs at the ABCD are of the highest quality possible. Both agencies are responsible for accrediting and monitoring treatment facilities. “ABAM accreditation is based on the quality of care provided by the addiction specialists, the treatment environment, the extent of treatment, and whether the treatment centers offer continuing care and relapse prevention services.


Accreditation also requires the treatment center to have onsite evaluations by the Addiction Specialist or Therapist(SS), and the Addiction Specialist’s assigned to the center. These assessments provide information on the center’s use of medications, its use of techniques and tools for treating addictions and its response to issues concerning its patients’ problems with substance abuse. The center’s staff is required to complete a periodic evaluation of the SS to ensure that he or she is meeting state and national standards of competency.


ABCD staff members are charged with maintaining the highest standards of care possible. They conduct periodic audits of the treatment center to make sure that the care provided meets the standards of accreditation and that the program meets standards set forth by the state. These inspections also include a review of the treatment program and the treatment and the way it treats its patients’ addiction issues.


The Addiction Specialist conducts periodic reviews of the center’s programs, ensuring that it meets the standards of care set forth by the state and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). These reviews are often conducted by licensed clinical social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists.


The center’s programs are reviewed on a regular basis to make sure that the program provides the best possible treatment for its residents. These reviews also include evaluations of the care being given and the effectiveness of the treatment to the particular patient. A qualified medical assistant is also hired to perform these evaluations.


The program’s staff members are required to follow federal and state regulations regarding the care they give and their behavior in the treatment environment. This includes ensuring that there is an orderly, safe environment, staff members are not in the emotional or compromising positions, and that the programs are effective and appropriate.


One of the most important aspects of these evaluations is the ability of the staff to provide continuing care for the patients. The programs are also reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they are still effective at providing quality care. This ensures that there will be a good relationship between the program and the patient after the program has ended. The ABCD staff works with the Center to make sure that the program is continuing to improve over time so that both the patients and the community as a whole are better equipped to handle substance abuse problems and addiction issues.


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Drug Detox Centers in Fountain Hills, Alabama



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Fountain Hills is a town in Maricopa County, Arizona, United States. Known for its impressive fountain, once the tallest in the world, it borders upon the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, and Scottsdale, Arizona. The population is 22,489, as of the 2010 census. Between the 1990 and 2000 censuses it was the eighth-fastest-growing place in the course of cities and towns in Arizona.


Drug Detox in Fountain Hills, Arizona
Drug Detox in Fountain Hills, Arizona
Drug Detox in Fountain Hills, Arizona
Drug Detox in Fountain Hills, Arizona
Drug Detox in Fountain Hills, Arizona
Drug Detox in Fountain Hills, Arizona
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